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Hello there you hallway doors. This is a follow-up post to the one I posted yesterday, which you can read here if you missed it.

Currently I have 7 people who said they were definitely interested, and 3 people who weren’t sure about being able to join. I think that’s more than enough interest generated to continue this!

I have a few ideas on what we could make this like, so here they are.

1. Everyone who wanted to could just put in a song, and without any real editing or anything, it’s posted on Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.

2. People can enter their own songs, and if anyone has experience in music-production, they can help edit and stuff.

3. We can do our songs, but try to collaborate on a song by recording our separate parts of the song, and layering them in a digital audio workstation like Audacity.

4. We should probably make a website outside of this?

Before we start with anything like that yet, I think that everyone who will help should put some information about their musical stuff.

For example, I am okay at Piano, Guitar, and Trumpet, and bad at singing and editing.

If people who have previously commented could follow-up with their own ideas and info like above, then we should be a bit closer to making this real!

That’s all from me for right now, let me know your ideas in the comments!


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