The Art of the Seal

How to Write A WordPress Post With James Blonde


Step 1-Get Inspired

“The best way to get inspiration is gazing out at the sunset..on your desktop monitor.”

Google hunts are how I draw inspiration for everything. Looking at the Wikipedia for actors on TV shows I watch, reading other blogs, watching YouTube, it all feeds in to your conscious and subconscious to create posts.

Example: Comprehensive (but not really) reviews

Watching reviews on YouTube, reading and talking about reviews online with my family

Example: Life and You.

Blatant ripoff of TAT by OY30, with more of me and less of OY30. Although I will note that mine has a different format and a completely original title.

Step 2-Learn How to Write Good

I have a book that can help with some references.

Image result for how to write good ryan higa

Step 3- Focus on the Prize

The prize being a quality post. So here are a couple of focus techniques .

  1. Make yourself a hot drink. Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Heated up Coke, whatever floats your drink boat.
  2. Take a shower and put on actual clothes. I can never make a good post, a good song, a good podcast concept, a good anything without being clean and dressed in clothes.  So sitting in your own filth and sweatpants hunched over your computer eating cold pizza, BAD. Showering and putting on clean clothes, turning on the lights, sitting in a chair and sitting hunched over your computer eating cold pizza, now we are talking.

Step 4-Poise for success

Once you have the perfect post, all you need to do is dress it up a little.

Timing matters. On a site like Riley’s Backpack, you want to be the latest post (top of the page) when the most people are on the site. So once you find out when that time is in your site stats, then try to post that time on a consistent schedule. Hey, maybe I should take my own advice. Nah.

Tag it. Tag will all things even remotely applicable to the post so it reaches more people!

Title it something catchy. This one speaks for itself.

Pay for views. This way more people will think you are impressive and you might start getting sponsors and your mom will finally get off your back about getting a job.

‘It’s not a phase!’

Step 5- Keep posting, work on making other projects (different post series, music, YouTube, podcasts) and improve your brand. The Backpack brand is going strong and these are the reasons why. I hope you liked this post that started out kind of jokingly but because serious fast, much like Donald Trump’s Presidential run.

Ok all this talk of building out brands makes me want to make new podcasts, so I need your help with 2 things.

  1. Give us questions about random stuff. risofthechairs gave us some great questions but sadly I lost that podcast because it’s me, of course I did. So keep up the good work and send in some interesting podcast questions
  2. Tell us what to do! I have lots of sketch and song ideas that can be incorporated into YouTube and podcast (podcast being my primary focus) but I need challenges/stuff to do!

Please comment all of these things, and remember The Nerd and His Brother.. and usually riley will return sometime in the fall with fresh new episodes and super special guests! Mid-August we should start giving more updates about the podcast, so keep it tuned!

So I’ll see you sometime in the future, but until this let me leave you with these parting words of wisdom:

Coffee is a stimulant, but covefe is a stimulant package hehe #comedy

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