i dropped my hot pocket 



4 thoughts on “i dropped my hot pocket 

  1. children start to scream,,, a car crashes into a street lamp,,, my plate of pizza rolls falls to the ground

    ur parents start to cri, “how could you” they force out in ultimate despair, “all i wanted was a child who wouldn’t drop their hot pocket” they say, tears rolling down their face

    they end up selling you to a shady austrian man for four avocados from del taco. you are forced to work in isolation for the rest of ur life, with nothing but the constant reminders of your past to surround u. parents shield their children’s eyes when they see u on the road. they clutch tighter to their hot pockets. u duck ur head in shame as u walk up to the counter to pay for ur bubble tea, when suddenly, u bump into someone running the opposite direction, carrying a hot pocket in one hand and a starbucks in the other. the world stops. “no, not this again” you think. the hot pocket tumbles onto the ground. you’ve seen this before. u try to save her, but it is too late. the hot pocket hits the floor. the world is in flames. what have u done

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