I am Legend(dary) [prelude to Tip Life]

Hello pokeguys, today I talk about the recent Pokemon Go news and my own experiences.

First of all, Pokemon GO Fest Chicago was classified as a failure due to Cellular network failures and bottlenecks at the entrance to the park. Trainer Tips made a great video about changes that could help.

I advise watching this entirely as he thoroughly explains points later in the video.

Anyways, Niantic compensated with refunds, PokeCoins, perks, and most importantly Legendaries. Meanwhile I am at Duke TIP being educated about analyzing detective fiction through Feminist, New Historisist, and Marxist lenses. But after dinner and before evening activities, my nerd camp companions found a 5 star raid (Legendary) and begged our counselor to take us. He did, and I will let this slideshow speak for itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also the Articuno is a little out of sync with my team but its still really cool. Plus double candy and my intense Pinap Berry skill makes me a cool 12 candies.

And fun tidbit, the Gen One Legendary Birds go

Image result for gen 1 legendary birds

Artic-uno                                                Zap-dos                                            Mol-tres

Yes, I did take Latin in middle school. And may I just say, Bonjour. Latin readers in the comments respond 🙂 😉 retweet for each class you took in school ❤

So if I were guessing Zapdos will be next.

And please comment your favorite Legendary Bird!

Anyways I am hyped for more legendary events, more raids, more battles.

This short post just needs to get out there before it is no longer relevant, and my next post will be probably a LAY, so if you want me to answer questions, write about anything, whatever, just comment it.

Another random awesomeness  post is trapped in this Pokeball. LAY #19 is my last post, and you can click the Great Ball to find it. And finally locked up in the Ultra Ball is my entire collection of posts. So catch em all!


Image result for pokeballImage result for great ballImage result for ultra ball


So that ends the Legendary post that you just read, and as I like to say:

Image result for pokemon go to the polls meme

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