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Mobile Games #1

Hello there you soothing azure skies.

This is the very first edition of Mobile Games, which basically just means I update you on Pokémon Go, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans.

Today is the end of an era for me. If you all don’t know (I may have forgotten to include it in a post), I got a 100 IV Machop a few months ago. I made it my buddy soon after, and eventually evolved it to Machoke. Now I have enough candy to evolve it. TIME FOR A YOUTUBE VIDEO GUYS!

Also I think I should mention that the day before yesterday I got to Level 27, and today I am halfway to Level 28..

This global event is awesome!

In Clash of Clans news, we won our last war against a Level 9 clan by what I assume was them giving up?

We got 20 stars in the first hour, so I wouldn’t blame them honestly.

On Clash Royale, I have been experimenting with the Night Witch, and i’ve made this deck, which kind of looks like a parody of my normal deck.

It’sot as good as my normal deck, but it’s still fun.

Normal deck:

Thanks for reading this kinda short post, there might be a Free Lunch later today as well.


17 thoughts on “Mobile Games #1

  1. Hi Rileys,

    I saw you tweeting about mobile games and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like Rileys is on its way to greatness!

    Hope a lot of people sub to your mailing list! We’re actually trying to build one with Mail Chimp to for our website but haven’t really gotten around to starting it yet. Would you be so kind as to make a review of our games? We got a ton of iOS and Android casual mobile games we think you’ll like. Excited to see what you think!

    Back to the website review. Good job on the social buttons, social media is so powerful these daysYou should also consider installing an SEO plugin like Yoast or something, theres loads of good free ones.

    Well anyway this is all I have to say! Hope you don’t get offended by any of these comments coming from a stranger haha! Just wanted to help out. Hope you visit our website too and take a look at our free mobile games too.

    Good luck to Rileys and to us! Have a nice day! Keep making great stuff!


    Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero
    CEO of AppSir, Inc.

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