vintage store haul // 

                                  oi oi oi lads 

                                      tis’ cat


this past weekend I splurged on stuff I didn’t       need at an antique market (they were having a sale where everything was 20 to 50% off so shush). 


  so here’s my haul. It’s a good one so b prepared.

                                         .  .  .


    welcome to the cat parade music box // $2.00

                       music box teacup // $5.00


when you lift the teacup from the saucer, it reveals a music box in which a crank can be turned to play the steamboat willie themesong.


                  iron pagoda lantern // $5.00 

               set of 2 corpus cameos // $16.00


                         square cameo // $7.00 


         mummy and daughter cats (gift) // $3.00


                          vintage lamp // $20.00


                          chinese teapot // $4.00



                       victorian era vase // $3.00
                       (sorry about the sticker)

                           cat figurine // $2.00


                    miniature gas lamp // $7.95 


     cat cologne bottle (head screws off) // $10.00


    Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) print // $10.00


        original ‘moss rose’ oil painting // $85.00

          (colors are much brighter in person)

               original kit-cat klock // $49.99


11 thoughts on “vintage store haul // 

      1. well bleh. next time we hang out we should go check out this store (please??) your house is so vintage and it looks really great.

        Liked by 1 person

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