Current favorites // Cove Playlist // My favorite artists (way more interesting than Riley)

yo yo yo it’s Cat 🥑

I’m actually in a car driving to Florida rn so data is quickly receding like Trump’s presidency and hairline.

But uh, I have another playlist for yous.

It’s simply the playlist I put together for whenever I visit the cove behind my house. 

Oh yeah, I have a cove behind my house.

If you walk over the railroad tracks behind my home you will see an opening in the woods, which reveals a narrow pathway with a fork in it. If you take a left at the fork and maneuver down a steep hill, you will immediately see a ‘cove’ before you. 

This cove is fit with a lil’ part of the nearby river, which almost always has no current (that’s a good thing), a rope swing, a creek with little tide pools, and a tree that has fallen in the middle of the river. Oh, and there’s 7382638181910 butterflies in the air.

But yeah. 

Anyways, here’s the playlist.

A Flock of Seagulls // A Flock of Seagulls

Blurryface // Twenty One Pilots 

Africa // toto

Down under // men at work

the killing moon // 

Vessel // Twenty One Pilots 

Twenty One Pilots // Twenty One Pilots

Regional At Best // Twenty One Pilots

Solitude // Jinsang

Life // Jinsang

Gratitude // Jinsang

Meditation – EP // Jinsang

Winter Bokeh // Jinsang

Kona Park // Jinsang

Redbone // Childish Gambino 

IV. Sweatpants // Childish Gambino

3005 // Childish Gambino 

Sleeping Powder // Gorillaz

Feel Good Inc. // Gorrillaz 

You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood // Shaggy

Macintosh Plus // Vektroid 

Allstar // Smashmouth 

Resonance // HOME

that ‘just got home from work kind of beat’ // charlie toØ human 

business casual // gfbeats

Indeed, Yoshi Does Like Bawlz // RND1

Enjoy Yourself // Saint Pepsi

back then // toj

U Love // Tomppabeats 

Beach Walk // Whitewoods 

with u & flavors // roses 

1. twenty | one | pilots

2. jinsang

3. childish gambino

4. a flock of seagulls

5. bob marley 

6. Pink Floyd

7. Green Day 

8. The Beatles 

9. gorillaz 

10. panic! at the disco 

11. that poppy 

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