My Favorite Bands 3.0

Hello there you lego titans of suburbia. Today I decided it’s time to update my favorite bands list!

You may be surprised at who tops the list! Probably not though.

10. Wu Fei – The only person on this list who I have actually met and worked with, Wu Fei plays the guzheng and makes music with it that I find very relaxing ususally. Though some of the songs from her first album (A Distant Youth) are dissonant-ish, most of them are great for easy listening.

Favorites Summer Palace, Three Kingdoms

9. Portugal. The Man – Pulling up into the ninth slot on the strength of my favorite singles by them, Feel It Still and Atomic Man, Portugal. The Man is regardless of it’s position on this list, one of my favorite rock bands.

Favorites: Feel It Still, Atomic Man

8. Green Day – I had some trouble ordering Green Day, Cage the Elephant, and Aaron Embry correctly. Though Green Day ended up in the lower parts of the list, don’t be discouraged! They have created some truly great songs. According to me at least.

Favorites: Revolution Radio, Basket Case, When I Come Around

7. Cage the Elephant – This band has a talent for creating songs that I love xD

Favorites: Cigarette Daydreams, Come a Little Closer

6. Aaron Embry – I discovered Aaron by accident, tapping through related artists, but I’m very glad that I found him. He has only released one album on Spotify, but it’s filled with folk guitar-y stuff. He also released an album that didn’t make it to Spotify, on Bandcamp, which was just as good.

Favorites: Tiny Prayers, Moon of the Daylit Sky

5. Twenty One Pilots – You may be very shocked right now. Last time, Twenty One Pilots topped the list, you say. How did it fall all the way down to the half mark, you ask. Well the simple answer is listening to them to much. While I don’t really dislike any of the songs, I just listened to them over and over for a few months. I do like the songs, i’m just still sick of their music now. Hopefully I will like their new album whenever it comes out. 

Favorites: I still do like Heavydirtysoul!

4. My Chemical Romance – The fuel for this band rising higher on the list is mainly their album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I like their last album, The Black Parade, a lot as well, but I just love the songs from Three Cheers.

Favorites: To The End, Thank You For The Venom

3. Cake – Cake makes some pretty sweet songs!

Favorites: I Will Survive (Cover), Opera Singer, Stickshifts and Safetybelts

2. Gorillaz – Even though I was a little bit disappointed in their comeback album (Humanz), it still had enough songs I could enjoy to keep me interested in the band. I love almost every song by them in all the other albums (aside from The Fall, which although bad, wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be, considering it’s production). If you look up my favorite albums in the little search bar thingy on Rileys Backpack, you will find that Gorillaz albums dominated the list. On the subject of my favorite albums, they will probably be updated in a post next week.

Favorites: Sleeping Powder, Every Planet We Reach is Dead, Starshine

1. Watsky – There are a lot of great musicians and bands on this list, but by my preferences, Watsky beats all of them. I love all of his albums, and I highly recommend listening to some of his songs.

Favorites: all of them

Thanks for reading this moderately long post I’ve written! If you want more music based stuff, like the before mentioned updated favorite albums list, like the post 😀

If you want to, leave a comment telling me your favorite musicians/bands!


12 thoughts on “My Favorite Bands 3.0

  1. Portugal. The man is great and my interest in Green Day has skyrocketed after seeing them live.

    I can understand your choice to replace Twenty One Pilots with Watsky though, but I’m sure TØP will be further up the list when they release a new album. 😁

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  2. Like everyone’s top 10 lists, this one’s interesting. Green Day, twenty one pilots and Cage the Elephant would definitely be in my top 10, and I’m really getting into Portugal. The Man. Gorillaz and My Chemical Romance are great as well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Without question, twenty one pilots. In addition to them, Green Day & Cage the Elephant, the other 7 would probably be Coldplay (one of my all-time favorites), Spoon, Foals, Foster the People, Glass Animals, Muse (though not wild about their recent stuff) and I’ll have to add Portugal. The Man.

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