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Free Lunch #33

Hello there you eggnog corndogs. Today is Friday so that means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just get a device and type for 5 minuted without stopping.

Starting at 4:13.

Yesterday I didn’t do much aside from finishing The Book of Heroes, writing that review, and working for a few hours at my mom’s story booth at the farmer’s market. I was thinking that today would be more productive, but it’s already 4:14 and I’ve done much, much less. I wrote tomorrow’s post, and that’s really it. I think i’ll go on a walk and play Pokemon Go after this, because I haven’t been playing that much, and I need to step up my activity if I want to get to Level 27 by the time school comes back.

Right now i’m watching Good Mythical Morning, the one with ‘Will it Corndog?’. Hence today’s Hello there you. If anyone has any ideas for more Hello there you’s, submit some in the comments!

I have nothing to type for you right now. Oh yeah. I finished Season 2 of Attack on Titan last night, and I eagerly await the 3rd season coming in 2018!

I’m out of time because I typed slowly on my phone this time. See you in tomorrow’s music post!


34 thoughts on “Free Lunch #33

      1. Yo(they’ll have to make a movie called finding clarence, but they’ll never find you, because you’ll be dead)u see(that injured? sign meme with the language inappropriate to the blog)m flus(OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD guy from Troll)tered.

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      2. I(um how did incest get there?)go(getconfusedbylarentheses)t(to[go])t(awaken my mighty drag[theendisnighwhocameupwiththat]on)tob(michael scot[dwight shrut{toby flenderson}e]t)ed.
        Go([{od night person}])cha(se yo[u{r dreams}])se your enemies at swordpoint. G(I)o(am)o(going)d (to) n(sleep)i(now)g(friend)h(fare[space])t(well.

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      3. s[game of thrones has a lot of incest be careful watching it in front of your families]o[scoobert doobert] l[CAMPFIRESONG song]o[what’s the worst that i can say?]n[“i am a steaming caudron of sexual needs and desires right now”]g[maKE IS FREE NA SPLASH] a[yesyesyesyesyes]n[titans make hanji want to do inappropriate things]d [dont trip whip]g[space]o[i was going to make a half joke but it came out half heartedly]o[friends close and enemies closer]d[it was the summer of 2001]n[how i became acquainted with your maternal parent]i[g note]g[the cake is not a lie because she never said that]h[john green, bestselling author, with sharpie on his face]t

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      4. O(my parents watch game of [thrones])k(shagger dagger)I(f is for friends who do stuff together u is for u and mee–)w(the[worst{you could say is}dissonant]chords)o(calm dat cauldron with avatar the last airbender go watch now!)n(don[kno{how}w]t)l(hanji go watch avatar the last airbender or take an ice bath 1of2)becuz davin89(why[was{6 afraid}of]davin)po(i said solipsism earlier, space isn’t real)op(guessing what the first half of the word half is leaves you wish your response to this joke)oops i did it again(friends coast and enemies toaster)per ccu(i was born in the summer of 2003.)sssssion(met at first screening of wall-e)ddd(*mazs contradictory post about being emo*)rrrr(are you familiar with the Stanley Parable? Don’t google it, just buy it on steam and play it based on my recommendation :[{}]D)uuuu(miyuki miyabe)ms

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      5. i d[browse /b/ on 4chan]o[were goin dOWN DAP INAGURLIAL ROW]nt [cut my life into pixis]thi[erwin of the garrison]n[n is for no survival]k a[turn to page 394]ny[eren eat a snickers] of[sometimes i give myself the crepes ] u[you breed with the mouth of a goat]s ha[hatsune miku]ve an[i watched the first episode]y i[fascism]de[“one meter titan coming this way” “sir thats captain levi”]a o[“one day i’ll teach myself how to make chloroform and knock you all out”]f w[a quarter plus a quarter equals a dead marco]hat [we are the last call and it’s too pathetic]th[ya like jazz?]e o[get my television fix]th[GOLDEN DAAAAAYS]er [please leave all overcoats, canes, and top hats with the doorman]is s[booooi]ay[dnak me me]in[out of placed and underdressed]g an[laced]ym[with]o[nitroglycerin]re. [you spelled too like to]at[dumbledoor] lea[no need to call me sir professor]st [from the bible of]i d[none of the above]o[on a steady diet of]n’t.

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