The Jamie Watson Medical Dictionary

Nontenti-LundomCopia Expectatione Tendencies: A condition where before the beginning of every school year the afflicted buy organizational tools they deem useful for their school year that they use for the first 1-2 two weeks before breaking or more commonly losing aforementioned articles.

Necesse-clad Syndrome: Typically those who are diagnosed have varying levels of lack of portion control or time management, and only become productive or at all responsible in a time of crisis. This includes (but is not limited to) school projects, chores, jobs, and in some extreme cases piano lessons.

O.C.N.C.E.S.H.R : This comes in several stages.

Stage 1 (O.C): Over Committed

about dieting, exercise, projects

Stage 2 (N.C.E): Not Committed Enough

slacking on prior commitments that were impossible to hold anyway

Stage 3 (S.H): Self-Hating

Hating them self for failing to meet the unrealistic commitments they made in Stage One.

Stage 4 (R): Repeat

Self Explanatory

If you are affected or know someone who might be affected by anyone of these diseases contact us immediately in the comments below.

To submit an affliction to the JWMD comment below as well.

If you would like to read more by our founder Jamie Watson, click here, here, not here but go to that link anyway, here, not here (though it is very fun), possibly here, and 100% here.

As our dictionary stated numerous times:

As your doctor if James Blonde’s content is right for you.

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