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Wonder Woman 2017-REVIEW


This post has spoilers for Wonder Woman, and even if you just have a vague interest in it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching the movie first. Okay, you have been warned.






Today we will be talking about a superhero movie that starts with the discovery of a long lost object, the hero has a metal shield-like weapon, the hero and love interest fight in one of the world wars, against the Germans, where the male love interest who is played by a guy named Chris dies heroically in a plane crash near the end of the film, the bad guy is defeated, and it brings you back to the present day at the end.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

Image result for captain america the first avenger

Wait, sorry! Typographical error, my apologies. I give you

Image result for wonder woman poster

a comprehensive (but not really) review by Jamie Watson


Joking aside, this movie was the best DCEU movie I’ve seen since it rebooted with Man of Steel.

And even though I made fun of its obvious similarities to Captain America:  The First Avenger, I think what on the surface looks like a simple bland story line is, upon closer inspection, a good movie with great Action, Acting, and Advocating for equal rights.


I think Gal Gadot was pretty perfectly cast, and Chris Pine also did a great job adding to the list of characters in superhero movies names Chris.

Untitled drawing

However I will note this is the first time one of these Chris’s has not been a superhero (oh wait, Robin

Image result for shots firedImage result for shots fired gif

Image result for ooooh gifImage result for ooooh gif


Okay, focus.

I really enjoyed the action that this movie had, and I thought that the story was good.

The comedy was substantial and supported the story, the way that Marvel *ahem* DC intended it to be.

Now, onto the action.

The scene where Diana and Steve are in the trenches and Diana leads the charge to push back the Germans is one many people were talking about. Image result for wonder woman no man's landPersonally the ‘exquisite, breathtaking’ No-Mans Land scene kind of confused me (and I say this about nearly every superhero movie) because of the impossibility of it all. But still,  I realize it is a SUPERHERO MOVIE so I’ll let it slide. This scene in particular looked fantastic and I think the action was good. However, I definitely wasn’t moved to tears by this sequence like some other reviews I read.

But my favorite action sequence from this movie (and I’m biased being raised on Avengers movies and cartoons) was the action sequence with the attack on Themyscira.Image result for themyscira


The large battle, the unconventional fighting style of the Amazons and how quickly the adapted to guns and new attacks was just so cool to me. And yes, while most who write about this movie are talking about how important this movie was for feminism and how it broke convention, I spend the post talking about fighting and battles. Hey, you read all the way down here.

Image result for themyscira battle

I just wish that it had either been later in the film or the prior moments in the film had emphasized the connection between the Amazons and our protagonist Diana. Even though the body count was actually large, to me it felt like it was a fight scene over too quick and done without enough backdrop, taking an awesome fighting sequence with lots of emotional potential and just making it a Transformers-esque fight for the sake of fighting. Or I guess, UFC.

Despite this I loved the action and aspects of the story, and I think the acting was great!

Now, nitpicking! 

There are a few things that confused me.

One, she was made out of clay. Just, WHAT?

I was really hoping they would ditch this because it is the second worst thing of Wonder Woman in general.

The first? Well, an invisible jet. So hopefully they don’t bring that back in Justice League.

Second, she aged up to her age in the film, but then hadn’t aged at all since the fight with Ares to 2017.

I don’t understand, but if you know please enlighten me!

Thirdly, her powers seem to be limitless. I can give leeway here because Marvel does similar things with Thor but it needs to be pointed out. She is fast, good with a sword, a shield, a whip, can flip a tank when she is enraged, her wrist ‘things’ can sent a shock wave out that throws people backwards, and those same wrist things harnessed the power of a Greek god and destroyed said god.

Which brings me to Fourthly, she destroyed the freaking god of war! there is no way she is on the same playing field with anyone other than Superman, and I don’t know of any Themyscironite. I guess it could be said that her determination helped and her wrist things just rebounded his power on himself but still, come on.

All and all the most successful woman directed movie of all time and the most successful DCEU movie gets 7.5/10 James Stars.

Did you like the movie? What are your thoughts? Comment them below.

Also what should my next comprehensive (but not really) review be? Old or new, movie, book, game, ice cream, let me know!

That is it and as I cried into a pillow on the season 1 finale of West Wing:

I am Diana, Princess of Themyscira

Image result for wonder woman

You will board my ship and restore the heart of Te Feti

Image result for moana

You killed my father, prepare to die.

Image result for inigo montoya

7 thoughts on “Wonder Woman 2017-REVIEW

  1. Wonder Woman is an absolutely stellar movie. i’ve seen it in theatres twice, and both times were amazing. totally worth seeing it, i want to see it again. i had no issues with it, but my step-father had noted prior to seeing the movie that there were some inaccurate historical factors, such as less than 20 million DIED in ww1, although 20 million were wounded.

    anyways, i found diana’s story particularly interesting and made me admire her as a character. it was very creative how it was created.

    but besides that, talking about your points:
    if you’re gonna talk about how she was supposedly made of clay, how she appeared to not age at all after fighting Ares, and how her powers were limitless that allowed her to destroy the god of war, let’s take into consideration that, as she was a child of freaking Zeus, i see that as a full possibility.

    also, take in the fact that she was Zeus’s daughter. Ares was a son of Zeus. so really, it was like sibling rivalry almost, and it would make sense that she had the power to harm him tremendously (if she didn’t completely kill him).

    those are my thoughts.

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