In Awe of AI Music

Hello there you. Today I have a music post. You might be getting slightly sick of those, so if you are, then just don’t read it 😀

I’ve been experimenting with music for a few days, trying to find a good music creating software (and i’ve narrowed it down to a few picks), but I’ve also been exploring the free programs.

I worked a bit with Soundation and created about 30 seconds of fun electronic music.

I messed around with the effects on Audacity, creating weird backward songs.

But today..

Today I was trying to see how lazy a composer can actually be, and I found something that made me kind of sick.


All you have to do is pick a genre, select the time, and pick some extra specifics if you want. Then it literally GENERATES a track for you. I don’t think “generate” is a word that should be used when talking about creating music.

An AI makes a track for you. Though not all of them are amazing and unique, it’s still jaw-dropping that a computer can compose music. When I actually think about it, it becomes more palpable. But to me, composing music is an emotional thing that should require skill and practice to master. Seeing an AI make songs that are better than mine instantly is kind of discouraging.

How do you know that whatever music you listen to was written by a human?

I “created” four tracks using the website, and put them up on Soundcloud as an example for you all. In total it all took me about 20 minutes to create the EP.

They are all instrumentals, and I gave an example of Piano, Electronic Ambience, Electronic Danceish, and Guitar Rock.

That’s all for this post today. Leave your opinions on this in the comments!


8 thoughts on “In Awe of AI Music

  1. Wow, this is amazing, yet disturbing! I’m now wondering about some of the music I’ve reviewed that contains a fair amount of synthesizers and electronica. Did those artists create the synth sounds themselves, or were some of them merely ‘generated’ like you did here?

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      1. That’s cheating. Those people can never go far because there’s no real passion involved. If it’s a monetary motivation. It will never work.

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