No One Votes On My Polls

A friendly reminder that polls decide what you’ll see on here 😀

12 thoughts on “No One Votes On My Polls

  1. Not familiar with, nor have I ever played, video games. At the risk of sounding like a boring loser, I just never had the slightest bit of interest in them (plus I’m old). I voted on both questions tho.

    And I know how you feel, as some of my posts receive little interest, as opposed to some bloggers who post a poem or their grocery list, and receive 150 likes.

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      1. Yes it is, especially for music blogs, as there are so many out there. Because I like to support up and coming indie artists – not to mention the fact I get so many requests from them for reviews – most of my blog posts are reviews of them, which very few other bloggers have the slightest bit of interest in reading. My posts that have been well-received are usually ones for bigger bands or artists, as well as some of my song lists.

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