I love and hate music.

Explanation: That is a classic example of a ‘Hook.’ I will be doing this more often, and the hook goes very well with the music theme of this post.

Music is good because its catchy, can convey a message sometimes more powerful than words, and has a fascinating power over people.

Fact: People spent hundreds of dollar on old albums, concert tickets, and most inexplicably to me in this day and age, vinyls. *coughcoughcatcoughcough*

Now let us, you and I, deconstruct each one of these things and understand what makes them important and powerful.

  1. Old Albums and Vinyls

Cat explained to me why she bought two very expensive discontinued Twenty One Pilots Albums: Self Titled and Regional at Best to be precise.

She said that it makes Tyler and Josh sad when she listens to them online, because you aren’t listening to the albums they put out.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Twenty One Pilots and want them to get the money and recognition they deserve. But when you buy two old albums on Ebay and not a cent-NOT A CENT-goes to Josh or Tyler, I think it is a moot point. But clearly it is a pricey commodity, and people buy it. So what gives?

Well I  have a theory-


MUSIC THEORY P.S it took me surprisingly long to make that so I hope you appreciate it show me 10 likes xD

Anyway, a music theory that, at least partially, validates spending loads of money on CDs, merch, and vinyls.

Something material, something tangible gives you more of a connection to the artist, and that is something a lot of fans are looking for. Even a t-shirt,  a mug, or a drawing you made is something that feels as if it is between you an the musician. And the genius of selling merch and selling albums is that connection and people wanting that connection.

Now, this power is good and bad, as it allows people to support the creators they love but can sometimes take advantage of people and, as in the example earlier, the money might sometimes doesn’t go into the creator.

But music at its core is good, right? It brings people together, they dance, they sing!

Still to me it feels weird to me the cost of some of the merchandise. But I guess you’ve gotta make money!

I understand it is a valid business plan, but still I think if you are a fan and you are willing to pay extraordinary amounts of money, it might be easy to take advantage of you. So be careful and smart about your money, but I trust you.

That aside, I will say I think it is good to buy real tangible things, personally we have lots of vinyls and CD’s and they are very cool.


Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll see you soon!

And as I sometimes remark:

if you keep all the useless stuff now, it’ll be valuable to your grandchildren!!

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