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Free Lunch #31

Hello there you soothing lullabies.

It’s Tuesday, and based on the current schedule, so it’s time for a Free Lunch. If you don’t know what that is, I just type for 5 minutes without stopping.

Starting at 6:29.

Today started off pretty bad, but has worked itself back up to an okay. If someone asked how my day was I would just say goose.

I watched a few more episodes of Attack on Titan, and now i’m up to Season 2 Episode 2. It’s a very exciting show. I would recommend it if anyone cares what I recommend ssc.

About an hour ago, I listened to most of Flogging Molly’s new album, but got bored of it after a while. So I decided to put on Watsky’s Self Titled! It’s pretty good, but I got bored of that too, so i’m going to just listen to piano for a bit.

I have a huge stack of books waiting to be read currently, and today I was able to knock off two ATLA graphic novels. I still have 4 books to read..

Fever Code


Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 2

Where Things Come Back

I’m about halfway through both Fever Code and Neverwhere, but honestly I gave up reading Fever Code a while ago because it’s too sad. But i’ve decided to try and finish it because why not.

The five minutes is up now, so i’ll see you all tomorrow in another post!

Dictionary Taboo:

A curtain hung in a doorway, either to replace the door, or as decoration.


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