Views Experiment Results

Hello there you good ghouls. Today i’ll be sharing with you the results of my 3-part views experiment.

You can see the parts here if you want:

Part 1 – Overtagging
Part 2 – Clickbait Title

Part 3 – Qualityish Content

Basically I wanted to see which was the most effective way to get interactions and views so that everyone can now know.

Without further adieu, here are the results.

Part 1 – (Free Lunch #30) – Overtagging

Views since published: 23

Likes since published: 21


Views since published: 10

Likes since published: 4

Part 3 – (Somewhere Else #7) – Quality Content

Views since published: 8

Likes since published: 8


Overtagging destroys everything else way too easily 😦

Clickbait titles aren’t worth it on WordPress 🙂

Quality content is still well received by it’s target audience 😀

So if you are trying to optimize views and likes, go with overtagging, but i’m just not going to do that ever again lol. It’s boring.

Thanks for reading this post, if you made it this far, leave leaves in a comment below.


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