AMAZING ITEMS!!? **DIY Edition**

Hello, and welcome to BlonDIY, the DIY channel dedicated to finding amazing items that already exist and making a post about it myself, hence the DIY part.


First up, we have an item that could possible be the cure of all illnesses. A bubble wrap calendar.

Bubble Wrap Calendar 2017

Pros: Imagine for me a bad day, a flunked test, a burnt dinner, a stubbed toe. You fall right into bed and toss and turn all night before waking up at the crack of dawn for a job interview you know you’ll fail. but as you walk out of your bedroom, you notice your bubble wrap calendar. As you pop the bubble for the date, all your troubles melt away.

Cons: I would probably get so overjoyed and pop the entire month/year/millennia.

It is a simple but ingenious tool. Kind of like a chair or a reversible tie.

It is $10.99 here, and in my eyes well worth it.


The second item is something everyone needs, except for the regular people who finish a bag of chips instantly because there is mostly air in those bags.

Introducing the chip bag resealer!

Pros: If you are a psychopath without even a gram of an appetite, this product is perfect for you. Or more practically if you have eaten several bags and have very poorly misjudged your chip fullness level, this can be useful. Also if you bought a huge bag of chips and only ate some

Cons: From what I see, you need to refill the tape used to seal it, so that might be an inconvenience.

A 2-pack is $12.57 and it might be worth it for parties or just after a big lunch.


Now we have woken up, popped our calendar, had a great lunch and saved our leftover chips for the bus ride home.

But now we are in 4th period, and we need to write our notes because writing notes have more retention than typing notes. That is a fact and we recognize it because it helps us prosper. But we need a pencil.

Without further ado, the giant pencil!

Really Big Pencils (15") - Colors may Vary

The pencil only wears down with time, and it makes sense to start with a huge pencil and over the course of the year whittle it down to what puny humans call a ‘regular’ pencil.

Pros: This pencil is so amazing, and nothing really adds to this.

Cons: N/A

Personally I believe this pencil is so amazing that I would pay any price, but they are leaving money on the table big time as 1 is only $5.67 here. So I would recommend scalping and selling on ebay ASAP.

And guess what, you can scalp yourself and do your own DIY project!

That is all for the BlonDIY BlonDAY but I hope you enjoyed if you do please like, if we could pass 1 like that would be AMAZING, and until next time I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you in the next episode.

As I ‘DIY’ every time I write a post:

*insert outro crappy Creative Commons dubstep here*

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