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Free Lunch #29

Hello there you Clair De Lune’s. It’s Tuesday so it’s time for another boring post!

How this bore works is I get a device and type for 5 minutes with out stopping. But it has to make sense, so I can’t just spam random letters.

Starting at 12:41.

Although June is the month of my birthday, it usually doesn’t have a lot going on for it. Aside from the few important or fun things that have happened this month, like the poem reading, going to Oak Ridge, waterpool, and birthday stuff, all the normal days have kind of been a drag. It’s too hot to play Pokemon Go for more than like an hour without needing to head back for water and rest.

Though instruments offer an escape from boredom, it’s pretty boring to just practice for a long amount of time. So I usually end up practicing Piano in the morning, Trumpet in the middle of the day, and Guitar at night, with all the rest of summer activities (like sweating and melting) around those.

Also, since no one cared to answer last time, i’ll ask for suggestions again. Leave a comment if you have time suggesting a song for me to play on Piano, Guitar, or Trumpet. Don’t make them too difficult please lol.

Time is up for today, see you tomorrow for another post.

Dictionary Taboo:

A large, usually tawny-yellow cat.


16 thoughts on “Free Lunch #29

  1. I did give you a suggestion for a guitar, Blackbird by Lennon/McCartney, but here are a few others.

    New York New York by Frank Sinatra-Trumpet

    Sparkle by Mike Viola-Piano

    Also Dictionary Taboo: Puma? Lynx?

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