pride fest


So, I’m putting this post together a little last minute, but I know I haven’t been posting a lot. And i’m sorry about that. But i’m doing musical theatre this week so the likelihood of me posting is even slimmer. That being said, I need to write about something.

And what better to write about than the fact that I went to Pride Fest today with a close friend of mine.

So, let’s talk about that.

Basically, Pride Fest is all about celebrating the LGBTQ+ in a huge festival. Yesterday was the parade, but I couldn’t go to that. Today was kind of like a craft fair of all things LGBTQ+-there was a lot of booths everywhere.

And let me tell you about the flags.


To leave Pride without a flag of any kind was practically impossible, so I succumbed and got a little rainbow one, along with a rainbow beanie.

You would see people walking around with huge flags hung around them like capes, and everybody was so accepting of that. Everybody was super nice.

Anyways, besides booths, there was a lot of music and stuff, including a Drag Stage for Drag Queens and that kind of thing, as well as a larger stage in front of a field where a lot of singer-songwriters performed.

I was there for about 3 hours, and I pretty much loved every second of it.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Pride event, whether it’s the festival or the parade or both, it’s totally an amazing experience, and I recommend that you go, LGBTQ+ or not. 

(wow that took ages)

sO yEaH!

I’m sorry this post is a bit on the bleh side, but I hope it was (kinda) worth reading.

I don’t know what I’m doing for SCIENCE!. I know I haven’t posted for the last two and I probably won’t post it tomorrow because a) no ideas and b) they take so much time to write, so my apologies about that.

Alright, see you in the next post.

Have wonderful lives!













9 thoughts on “pride fest

  1. I’ve been to two Pride Parades in San Francisco in the late 70s (I’m old), two in West Hollywood in the 80s, one in St. Louis in the early 2000s, and four in Palm Springs, where I now live. Everyone should go at least once in their life.

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    1. lol i wish my orientation was that simple

      also, thou who shall not be named and sORRY YOU DIDN’T KNOW PRIDE WAS HAPPENING


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