New NABUR out + slight updates

So as you know from the title of this post the Series 1 Finale of NABUR is out, and it is slated to return Fall-ish (when we can record with more people basically).

One thing to remember, this week it is out ONLY on our website nerdandbrother.com, and will be on iTunes later in the week/next week and next season will be on iTunes as well and we will try for Google Play. Also here is a poll of what new content you want next (specific posts not vague future content) after my LAY which will be Friday.

So to reiterate:

Post Schedule is one wild card post once a week,  one LAY once a week-ish.

All post options for the polls will be posted in the coming weeks, but the one with the most votes will be first, second most votes will be second, and so on and so forth.

So that is a wrap on today, cya real soon!

Like I said once:

If I am a Nerd and a Brother, is Eliot just a personification of my childhood loneliness manifesting itself in a brother that loves and cares about me because only a figment of my imagination could love me? But if he is just a fictional person then I am not even a brother so the whole podcast is based on a lie.

Leave your answer in the comments, below!!


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