So today was very awful. My worst day in a while.

But hey, I’m not about to talk about my literal sob story.

I want to capture the best parts in my awful day and turn them into an inspirational metaphor because I want you guys to have fantastic days.

Again, today was horrible for me. There was a pouring storm outside, perfectly reflecting how I felt. But there’s something remarkable about the aftermath of storms: they end with prettier skies. Like, once when I was little, there was a bad storm outside. But after it ended, there was a beautiful rainbow. And at another time, there were a lot of tornado warnings and a severe storm that came through, but the sunset that ended was gorgeous.

Today was one of those scenarios. There was one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen outside today.

There was this brilliant golden color shining through the air, deep blue little storm clouds dotting across it like stars in a night sky, and a blanket of clouds. The glow caused the clouds of stormy blue to be a light pink, gently blending into lavender and into the surrounding darkness. And as the sunset progressed, the purple and pink mixed together like Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night (just not the same colors), and instead of that gold, there was a bright pink/red.

And the fact that just earlier I was in a very dark place, it made me feel a lot better, seeing that beauty arrive after that storm.

And happiness is similar-you sometimes have to get through trying times to get to it.


I’ve been a little obsessed with two songs as of late.

“Gravity” and “Wake Up” by EDEN.

Those lyrics really get to me, like from Gravity when he sings:

“‘Cause I used to defy gravity, defy gravity
Goodbyes keep dragging me down
And I’m fighting gravity, defying gravity
I tried but I keep falling
‘Cause falling’s easy
But it only brings you down”

And also

“I know it’s hard, but no one said it’s easy
Falling’s easy
But there’s only one way up”

And from Wake Up:

“…Sun always seems to wash our fears away
And it’s always shining somewhere
I just gotta get there
And even though it seems like half the world away”

I totally recommend a listen to those songs.

So yeah.

Wherever you are, whatever dark place…it’ll get better. Even if it’s the simple things that make you feel at least a little happy again.

I’m saying this to you but I’m also telling myself the same thing.


Have beautiful days and wonderful lives.


*psst, I want to talk about more music stuff, but this isn’t as important so you can go right past this*

*i’m seeing oh wonder live in october and I’m so excited, they’ve helped me through a lot with “heart hope”. their first album is incredibly calming. also, dodie clark’s “secret for the mad” has helped me a lot too. taylor swift’s speak now album is always on repeat for me. i played it during my highs and my lows, and it’s appropriate both times. okay i’m done talking about music stuff now.*










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