Clean your room you lazy child // new cat lady stool bc why not

Song of the day – We Can’t Be Friends Anymore {Dream Koala}

“I dont hav enuf muney for chikn nugits”



My daily message to you is:

Clean your room honey.

It probably needs it.

I just cleaned mine about 2 days ago.

And I’m lovin’ it.

Oops I did just quote McDiabetes.


. . .

I don’t know what this is supposed to be.

I guess I’m treating this site as some sort of virtual bullet journal.


Today I did a lil’ shopping.

Specifically eBay, a shoe store, two vintage stores {video out tomorrow}, and a fabric store.

Currently, I’m working on creating an area of my room to work as not only a nightstand, but a makeshift desk to put my new typewriter on.

And what desk would be complete without some sort of chair, right?

Thus I had to do a lil’ antiquing to find a stool just to my liking.

And today, I found just that.

A stool for $6.00 at a vintage store in the sleepy town of Bellevue.


It didn’t exactly have the prettiest fabric, so I went to the nearest fabric store to pick some up.

When there, I found these two vintage looking fabrics – one with a floral pattern, the other with cats plastered all over it.


Once home, I used a spoon to tuck the fabric between the stool itself and the cushion, making it fit snuggly on the stool – like this:


My cat loves it, and once I placed it where it belonged, he immediately jumped onto and rubbed against it.


My lil’ kitty baby.

Hope you enjoyed this lil’ tutorial type thing – I guess.

. . .

Meme Du Jour:







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