A RazzBerried, Ultra-Balled LAY 15#

Ooh how long it’s been. 

Hello and welcome to life and you, written today by very tired large hands on a very small phone screen.

Today my focus is to think about spontaneous combustion. 

Spontaneous combustion is just what it sounds like, when a human spontaneously combusts. The main witness usually ends up dead due to, well, spontaneous combustion. This works out conviently for believers in this impossible act because they have an excuse for every unexplained death and crackpots can claim to have seen it. 

So spontaneous combustion, probably very unlikely. 

In the event that it does happen, I wonder a couple of  things.

1. Does the person know it is happening/starting or is the process instantaneous?

2. If the process gears up and is painful for an extended period of time, what thoughts might go through your head?

3. Do the organs just implode or does the body go boom as well?

If anyone has spontaneously combusted or witnessed a friend or loved one spontaneously combust, we would love to have you on the podcast.

Moving on, my day has been fine, thanks for asking. I have improved at skiing and playing Gin and Gin Rummy. 

If you have no interest in Pokémon go, skip down to the next time you see this picture

So I recently went to Orlando Florida to go to Disney World, but while I was there I did something much more important.

These two regional exclusive Pokémon both reside in southern Florida and thus they can into my possession!

My Herracross is good but has horrible IVs, my Corsola is just horrible. 

But in other news, my gyrados is inching closer!

I’ve made so much progress in large part because of stuff like this.

So for those of you still reading, are you excited for the solstice event and upcoming gym updates?

And now welcome back those of you who don’t enjoy Pokémon.

Well one think, Cat met josh dun how freaking insane is that. 

Another thing, roller coasters were fun and props to Riley for doing some at Dollywood.

So much more to talk about.. alas, a Life and You sometime in the future will have to do. 

And my question to you people:

What is the most ridiculous fear you have or belief you have?

I will share some next LAY and I’ll share mine!

Goodbye my loyal cheeses, and as I always say:

Pokémon are so good, but right now I’ve gotta chop some wood!

5 thoughts on “A RazzBerried, Ultra-Balled LAY 15#

  1. BuZfEeD uNsOlVeD gEt ShAnE aNd RyAn HeRe On ThE sPoT ‘cAuSe WhO dOeSn’T lOvE eXpLoDiNg PeOpLe (wheeze)

    Okay that was very tedious
    My fear of thunderstorms is probably really stupid but it lives in my heart (even though it has gotten better)


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