thank you camp staff

*in the distance, you hear footsteps and murmuring and confusion sets in the air….*


So, no SCIENCE! post today because I literally have NO Science debates (please please please comment if you have one, i’m stuck), but instead it’s time for a story.

I’m a human, like you, (unless you’re some advanced AI viewing from the future, or I don’t know, a dog/dragon hybrid), so in life some things happen.

And today, that involved when I was forgotten.

Let me explain.

So, today was my first day at songwriting camp. I’ve gotta say, there are some things I don’t like that much-like people saying “you HAVE to write a song this week bla bla blah perform on Saturday yada yada yada” because really, as a songwriter, that’s out of my control when I have writer’s block. But setting aside the stress of being required to write something and PERFORM it this weekend, it’s been pretty okay so far. Oh, and looking around and seeing everyone be ridiculously talented and you just hide under the table…I mean, come on, one guy that was there plays 16 instruments. 16!!!! And I play 3, but strong at 1!!!

Anyways, that’s besides the point.

Since the building where the camp is taking place is a music museum, one of the last things we did today was go explore the museum from the 60s to the present, looking at all the artifacts and stuff from famous musicians. At the end, we did some writing exercises. At the end of the second (and final) one, I started talking to this girl while we were waiting for the staff member leading our group (there were two groups) to take us back up to the room, since it was the end of the day. We talk for a good 2 minutes I’d say, then we decide it’s time to get back with our group. But looking around the exhibit, we realized that there was nobody there we recognized, or the staff member. We don’t panic, but we circle around the exhibit a few times, then go out and explore the other exhibits.

Then truth dawns on us: our group forgot us and left us behind.

After realizing that, we still don’t panic, and just decide to look for the staircase we came down to get to the floor that we were on. And somehow, after apparently searching the entirety of the second floor, we couldn’t find the staircase. After circling around a few more times, we just get into the elevator.


The staff leader that was leading our group wasn’t even in the room!

And before you say, “oh, well, it was your fault, you shouldn’t have talked to the girl and instead found the group,”

NO! Because there were no signs that everyone was leaving, the leader didn’t call out or find us to let us know they were leaving, it was a mess.

So yeah, thank you camp staff. Today was a lovely day. Surely the highlight was when you forgot me.

Okay, jokes aside, again, we didn’t panic, but I thought it was a rather funny situation that surely explained my life.

I’m sorry for no SCIENCE! post today, but I hope this’ll satisfy you.

Have wonderful lives, some people won’t forget you.


*you hear the ding of an elevator and laughter. at least when crazy stuff happens, you have stories to tell.*






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