Dunder Mifflin this is Pam.


Noo I don’t have writer’s block…

My writer just hates the clock ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anyways, this is going to be a really short lil’ post describing the events of which have occurred these past few days.


From the beginning:

So, on Friday, whilst I was spending time with others, and my dad was at an undisclosed location watching a basketball game….


Basically, he was sitting in the location watching the basketball game on the big screen TV they had down there, and through the big glass doors, he could see some giant party going on in the back courtyard of the location.

So, he went over to the doors to see what all the fuss was about.

And as he was standing there looking through the window, this guy in all black, from his shoes to his hat, walks in.

After about five seconds, my dad realized that the dude he was looking at was none other than Tyler Joseph.

Tyler said ‘hi’ to my father as he walked by, and dad casually walked over to him, as Tyler had stopped walking to start a conversation with my dad.

And for the next few minutes, my dad introduced himself, and talked about me and how much I appreciated him and Josh’s music, as I have been listening to them for close to 6 years (my dad told him that). Afterwards, they took a photo.

I would show you it, but Tyler did not want it to be posted on any sort of blog or social media platform, as he wanted to keep his whereabouts private.

fast forward to Saturday at about 2:30 pm…

As my dad was leaving the location to pick me up from a friend’s house, he sAW JOSH GET OFF AN ELEVATOR ACROSS FROM HiM.

josH DuN

And they talked until they reached the lobby, talking again mainly about how much him and I loved him and Ty, and talked about me a little, too.

According to my dad, after Josh heard a bit about me, he stated he wanted to meet me.




fast forward to Sunday morning, 9:48 am…

I awoke to my dad bursting through the room door screaming  “JOSH IS IN THE LOBBY WAITING FOR YOU.”

I literally sprinted to the elevator, barefoot, yet dressed in the same clothes I had had on the day before, cus I was prepared. fixing my hair a bit, and was screeching.

On our way down to the lobby, dad explained how he met with Josh again.

He had left a message for Josh at the front desk the night before, and Josh received it that morning, and as he went to check out, read the message.

He noticed my dad sitting in the lobby drinking a coffee, and raised up his hand, signaling for my dad to look up.

It’s so funny. My dad wasn’t even down there waiting for him or anything. He was just down in the lobby buying a cup of coffee, and then by coincidence, Josh walked in.

So, my dad stood up and walked over to Josh, and when he got close enough, Josh asked, “Where’s Jordan?”



And then, my dad told Josh to wait there for like, 10 seconds, as he was going to wake me up and and bring me down to the lobby.


fast forward 10 seconds later…literally…

I got down to the lobby with my dad, and Josh actually ran over to me, and gave me a hug!

The first thing he said was, “I’ve been waiting to see you! Hey!”

And then, for about five minutes, we got into a lil’ conversation bout drums and meeting in the future, the band, etc.

And then, he had to go, as he was flying back to a location I will not disclose for privacy reasons.


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