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Free Lunch #26 (Z Edition)

Hewwo there wou woyal weaders. It’s Friday. As almost always, it’s time for Free Lunch on Fridays.

Today is a very special edition. We’ve reached the end of the alphabet people. This is our last chance for ridiculous alliteration. And there aren’t enough Z words that make sense!


Starting at 8:17.

Recently i’ve been practicing a lot more Guitar, and i’m learning Rainbow Connection, Talking to Myself, and Strong As An Oak. None of them are particularly challenging, but the transition between some chords is difficult.

Also! I wrote another song, which again is a loveyish song. I’ve kept it very vague so it appeals to everyone xD.

Love your eyes with their blueish, greenish, brownish color

Thanks Bo Burnham lol.

In real life news, I’m still in Oak Ridge, and I got a new Trumpet! This is good, because it means I can practice whenever I want to, without needing to rely on the school Trumpet.

Zillions of zapping zoo zebras!

My time is up!

Thanks for reading this short post :5

Dictionary Taboo:

Cylindrical container containing fizzy liquid.


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