livin’ the summer life

*far away, you hear a bunch of people jump into the air holding sparklers screaming “SUMMERRRR!!”, and the buzz of it all around you….yeah, it’s quite the scene to watch from your house….*


So, it’s Summer now.

And just about all my friends have done/are doing something.

I shouldn’t complain because I am doing things next week and throughout Summer, but as of yet, just about the most exciting part of my day so far is that I’ve watched YouTube. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Well, yesterday was an exception. I literally spend 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE playing Penguin Diner 2. I don’t know what it is about being a penguin waitress buying things and serving in a restaurant filled with penguins that kept me playing it for 2 hours straight, but I did, and I bought everything off the in-game catalog. If you have never played Penguin Diner or Penguin Diner 2 (well personally I think Penguin Diner 2 is way better), basically you are Penny the Penguin. In the first game, you are lost and you have no money to get home, so you start up a restaurant to get yourself money. The restaurant’s a hit. You stop working then in Penguin Diner 2 the food quality goes down so you reopen and go on a tour of Antarctica opening restaurants starting with Terra Penguina.

Yes, I wasted my life playing that while everyone else was probably out in the sun and doing fun things.

Again, I’ve got stuff coming up, yes, bUT STILL. It’s like i’m living in the reality section of those “Summer Expectations vs. Reality” YouTube videos made by those bright (most of the time sponsored by Best Fiends) DIY YouTubers with 5 minute long intros. You’ve got to know the ones i’m talking about.

Going back to games, (because sometimes I get tired of YouTube…yes, it happens, after you watch it for 6 hours straight), I went through a period of time when I was 8-ish where I played Transformice. I revisited this game yesterday as well. It was just one of those weird things where you wake up, get all nostalgic, and think, “huh…I should play that…I remember when I played that”. That’s how I got to Penguin Diner 2 (I used to play that all the time a few years ago). So, I went back to good ‘ole Transformice. It’s a game where you are a mouse and you are put through all of these kind-of obstacle courses to get the cheese and make it back home to the mouse hole or whatever. One mouse is randomly selected each round to be the “Shaman”, and the “Shaman” (but everybody normally calls them ‘sham’ for short) helps you through the course to get that cheese. It’s an interesting game. It’s also online with an online chat, and somehow very immature (let’s just say that) people find it onto an innocent mice game website, so the chats are the most interesting part of the game.

How do they even find that website? It’s so innocent, fluffy, and cutesy. The wrong place for those people! But nevertheless it’s a great time-killer.

Come to think of it, the only game I haven’t come back to out of my most played games when I was younger (excluding Pixie Hollow, rest in peace) is Animal Jam.

Nah, Animal Jam, I’m sorry, but you’re now very boring…especially considering that I’m no longer a member and I no longer prefer talking to myself in the game for hours in Sarepia forest role-playing as a Warrior Cat.

I did read that book series, and it’s good if you like the idea of cats in clans that fight each other and have names mostly ending in “paw”, “storm”, “claw”, or “star”.

Sounds ridiculous but it was actually okay.

I pretty much rambled on and on about games, but at least it’s something. After all, I literally have nothing else to do with my time yet, and the last post on here was my SCIENCE! post a few days ago.

I have a question for you.

What games did you play when you were younger?

I’m going to go now and watch Dodie Clark’s new video that came out while I was writing this.

Have wonderful lives.


*hahah, that was totally a dream. You don’t even live next to such excitement.* 




2 thoughts on “livin’ the summer life

  1. I played this Winnie the Pooh game on our computer. It’s kinda just this fuzzy memory in the back of my head, like “Hey, I played this when I was 6 but I have no recollection of what it’s about or what happened to it” ya know?

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