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Free Lunch #25

Hello there you ticktack cadillacs. It’s Friday. 17 more posts. 5 minutes bluh bluh bluh.

Starting at 9:38.

Yesterday was a pretty huge day for me. I may or may not have mentioned that I was doing a poetry reading at OzArts. For one of my favorite artists. Wu Fei. You may remember her from my Top 10 Favorite Albums. Anyways, I got there way earlier than I needed to be, and so I got to help curate and stuff. We rehearsed once before the show, and it went okay, I suppose. After that, pizza was delivered by Ms. E who couldn’t make it because of Hip Surgery pain.

My family and I had reserved seats at the front of the right side group of chairs, and I got to keep two pieces of paper saying “Reserved: Riley Chapman”. When it started, I was trying and frankly failing to stay calm. The concert itself was fantastic, a collaboration between Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn, with an assortment of guests joining them at different times, me being one of them. When we got to my part, I realized how nervous I really was. Luckily, I overcame my stagefright and was able to recite the poem correctly. 

Afterwards, tons of people came up to me to tell me that I “killed it”, “did a great job” and “was fantastic up there”. Which was a nice confidence booster for me.

I also got Wu Fei’s phone number, and we’re going to schedule times for me to learn the guzheng hopefully!

I am about 2 minutes overtime on this Free Lunch, but I had to finish the post.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :4

I’m evolving.

Dictionary Taboo:

A device used to measure temperature.


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