Poetry Classes #1

How To Make A Happy Poem Sad:

End talking about it with “But for how long?”


The sunshine peaks onto the sidewalk

Glowing the path for the people who talk

Merrily they stroll along

But for how long?

12 thoughts on “Poetry Classes #1

  1. children
    pressing sticky fingers to the glass
    waiting still
    chattering filling the room
    the room
    goes quiet
    when the pizza
    is served
    but not yet
    whispers of excitement passing from ear to ear
    the noise still fills the room
    but for how long?
    :,))) Pizza

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  2. Lady luck is smiling on me
    There’s an ace up my sleeve
    What no one can see
    I’ve been called a cheat, a slug, a sleaze

    But I just smile and wave my hand,
    And collect my winnings with a grin.

    I couldn’t work “but for how long?” Into there, I just felt like writing a stupid poem that I certainly can’t relate to at alln”*chuckles nervously* *calls get away car*

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  3. you can hear the smile in their voice
    sunlight beams from their smile
    joy lights up their eyes
    the first time in a while.

    the clouds finally break
    and the sky is bright
    among other’s joy and laughter
    happiness takes flight.

    it manifests in the music
    enjoying time in cheery song
    for a moment, the town’s at peace
    but for how long?

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