Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities | Vol. 4

Oui oui oui 

It’s Cat.

Today I have for you something I just finished creating for an art class I take, where my art instructor took a dragon figurine of his, put it in front of me, and said “draw this.”
And thus I began to sketch the basic shapes, joints, bending points, and basically the entore portrait study altogether. I then began the detailing process, where I begin to draw the more intricate parts of the dragon, and work on shading and blending. 

In the end, after 4.5 hours of work, the dragon looked a lil’ like this 

It’s definently not the best I could do compared to this WIP collage I’m doing of Tyler and Josh:

But it’s actually not that bad, so I’m going with it.
Here’s more photos!

bye bye.

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