Clash Royale Update!

It’s been a while since I posted Clash Royale So I though I would fill you in on recent events.
First of all the night witch challenge came out and with a lot of stressful battling I made it out with 12 wins and a new legendary! 

So I built this deck with my new night witch!

I then bought the bandit in the shop and built this deck:

Which I have had a lot of success with. I made it to a new trophy record with it!
And finally, the Clan Crown Chest yielded a new legendary:

I was not entirely thrilled but still it’s new!

I experimented and I changed my miner night witch deck to a graveyard deck and it’s been great as well.

So for the record 3 new legendaries in 24 hours!!

P.S podcast will be out today with special announcement at beginning, stay tuned!

I’ll see you with a daily dose of Disney Saturday with a DLAYed life and you, and as I’m saying even though I don’t know what it means:

Don’t de ja vu you self,

Don’t de ja vu your- dangit!

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