the REAL reason I haven’t been posting

It took me so long to make this amazing post!’

So hey (hi)!

Today after a long break of posting after a PEDIM failure, school is over and summer (and Tower of Terror) await.


I have about a week to hang out before it’s Disney time, and I am making it my goal to stay out of the house as much as possible. Staying out and active and doing something makes positive thinking and healthiness a lot easier.

So on the agenda:

1.Lots of Pokemon GO-ing (hopefully with Riley and/or other friends) and exploring the city on the city buses while doing that.

2. Hanging out with friends, whether at coffee shops or pool or above-mentioned  Pokemon hunting.

3. Cooking! I would like to cook more stuff and give it to people because I like giving people brownies to see the look on their face and if I don’t give anyone brownies rest assured I will eat them.

4. Lastly write posts/create new stuff for NABUR and projects. There has been a delay but a project Eliot and I (so NAB) are working on should be announced Friday and on a podcast in the future it will be further promoted. So stay tuned!

So that’s my list of stuff to do in my break before Disney trip and just during the summer.

Sorry for the scrambled posting schedule and bad news is it’s going to be worse with visiting family and vacations and whatnot.


I’ll try to post 2 times a week, one LAY, one something else.


With that being said, CQOTD (Comment Question of the Day) is:

What are you doing for summer?

So next LAY will have stuff for you to do during boring parts in the summer as well as poll results, book reviews, and a special recipe!

See ya (Cya) later and as if I hadn’t failed my one shot at view stardom:

doge Boy

9 thoughts on “the REAL reason I haven’t been posting

  1. great question ((and post)). have fun at disney! my summer plans to be incredibly productive, doing tasks such as:

    1. sleeping for 24 hours straight
    2. watching atla because soMEONE
    3. eating nothing but tortilla chips
    4. pretending that the inevitable day when school begins once again will never come

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  2. My goals are
    1. Make a cake
    2. Get my mom to let me let me go places without her
    3. Improve my singing ‘skills’
    4. Grow a few inches, cause that’s voluntary right?
    5. Learn to swim because I am a floatless potato
    6. Stop liking meat, cause we don’t ever eat it so I might as well get it out of my brain.

    I’ll be lucky if I can complete those, so I’ll stop here.

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  3. Going to Texas
    Going to songwriting camp
    Going to musical theatre express camp
    Going to music city transit camp
    And finally, keep up the lifestyle I’m trying to adapt to at the moment.

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