Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities 💮 Lucky Cat Edition 




(It’s Cat)


(Welcome to the first edition of Lucky Cat, a new tradition here on Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities where I create a bonus CCC art piece when I draw a lucky card in a tarot card session). I’m feeling lucky, like Google.)


(Yes, I do in fact use tarot cards, quite often actually. They are a pleasurable hobby, and i enjoy seeing the accuracy in them. I was just doing a session just now and drew the lucky card, and found it ironic that my name is Cat and according to the card, I’m lucky. Thus the Lucky Cat tarot tradition was born!)


(This Lucky Cat art is….)


(walla! a japanese temple surrounded by blooming japanese cherry trees! this took a total of 4.5 hours, and was incredibly hard to replicate with no reference. Enjoy!)

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