I did a cover at 3 am + no sleep club chronicles & night showers 



It’s Cat.

It’s currently 4:37 am.

As, I am writing this post, I’m wrapped in in a fuzzy white blanket with my kitty, Sullivan, cuddling my ankles and feet, listening to the N O L S T A L G I C playlist.

The birds are chirping and everything.

But, I’ve kind of gotten used to not sleeping.

It’s very silent and calm.

No one else is awake.

No cars driving past my street or house.

No screaming children shooting each other with foe airlift guns.

No lawnmowers.

No trains.

Just silence.

It’s peaceful.

I only hear the typing of my keyboard, some house creaks, Sully’s solitudic purrs, and my vaporwarve.

Just how I like it.

I’m finally having some time to wind down and have some time to myself, which I’ve been needing.

In fact, at 4:00 am, I took a hot shower.

*high fives Victoria* niGHT SHOWER-ERS UNITE!!!111!1!!1!

Oh! Up On Melancholy Hill just came on spotify!

Speaking of uomh, I did a cover of it at 3:00 am

Check it out here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSJ7boLGr2Y)

It has some flaws, but spare me, as it was 3 am.

Oh! And today, I went to my favorite vintage store and got a cute little lamp with a teapot as the base.


It was $45.00, but so worth it.

That brings me at a total of 6 lamps.

I um…really like lamps…?

moving on..

I also got new vinyl today, specifically the Disquaire Day limited edition Twenty One Pilots album.

I scored it for $15.00 on eBay, which was such a deal.

Normally, they sell for up to $500!

Currently, I’m bidding on the LC LP Record Store Day Limited Edition Twenty One Pilots Ohio vinyl as well. I’ve been looking for one for a while now.

Well, I should probably get some sleep now, if I can.

bye bye

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