happy disease

DISCLAIMER: in this entry, I think about the polar opposite of depression, and make up a mental disorder that fits that. I realize that that may be taken as offensive to some, so let me be clear: I know mental disorders aren’t jokes from my personal experiences with them, I just did this as mainly a thought exercise. I’m sorry if that offends you in any way, shape, form, or thought. 


So, today I had one of those rare moments where my tired mind actually comes up with a decent idea.

If this post inevitably flops, at least it sounded good at first, okay?

I’m going through an ultimately depressing time which, well, leaves me incredibly depressed. But I was thinking: if there can be a mental disorder that leaves you feeling empty, sad, numb, and pessimistic or whatever (because at the end of the day saying depression is just sadness is an understatement), why isn’t there one that is the polar opposite of that?

I looked up if there were any disorders that actually made you happy all of the time, and the closest thing I got to was Angelman Syndrome, which is this disorder that involves several learning disabilities and other things, but the victim has a happy demeanor. But this wasn’t the type of disorder I was thinking about.

I made up a name: J.O.S, which is Joy Overload Syndrome, but let me know in the comments if you have a better name for this imaginary disorder.

Going more in depth in this thought, I realized that there were both advantages and disadvantages to having it, as opposed to depression, which there are NO advantages.

Having “J.O.S” means you are constantly happy, you don’t have any worries, and I’d think you’d live life stress-free and peacefully. However, in terms of disadvantages, I thought up much more. I think being that happy would often cause a victim to be quite lazy, with no work ethic, and overall no motivation, because they may feel that a task would be less important than it is. Expanding on that, they would probably not see the consequences and results of their actions, making them a trouble-maker and a potentially dangerous person. Also, someone with “J.O.S” may lack rationality and intelligence, because (relating to the previous thought), a victim wouldn’t feel the need to double-check their thoughts, and as they are worry-free, they may even believe that they are always right.

Come to think of it, that would make someone very egotistical and arrogant/selfish.

So, even though that person may feel pretty euphoric, that would make them blind to all the flaws of being THAT happy.

Or maybe, i’m just thinking into this way too much.

It’s late and i’m supposed to be sleeping right now.

Oh well.

Have wonderful lives, biscuits.


*it’s so late that theatrical victoria is sleeping, what a shame*

4 thoughts on “happy disease

    1. Angelman Syndrome has loads of disabilities and has to do with seizures and physical disabilities. Just a minor symptom is that a victim has a happy demeanor and frequently smiles or laughs, that’s all.

      The difference is that Angelman doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy, just a happy appearance, and all the other physical side effects.

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