I have a few things to say *unentertaining alert*


It’s Cat.


I’m not even going to bother making this post look neat and clean

Or even worry if it’s going to be deleted.

But I have a few things to say.

Things I’ve got on my my mind right now.

Things that are causing my stomach to ache

1. I know I’m boring

I’m always told to write entertaining, meaningful, and relatable posts. As you can tell by the many posts of mine that I actually put effort into that have been deleted, I don’t live up to such standards. I tried to be ‘quirky and relatable’ with the “I rly hate school” post, and was actually quite proud of it, as I thought I was being humorous (I wasn’t). Sooner or later, it was deleted. I asked Riley about it, and received a private message from him stating “It was not actual posting, you just did a mini rant that led to nowhere and wasn’t particularly entertaining.”

I felt so horrible after reading it, I screamed into a pillow.

And here’s the thing, I know I’m not entertaining. I am a very boring person. I will agree with that. But sometimes, when I write about things, I don’t exactly care if others find it entertaining.

However, there are other authors on this site, like Victoria, that are entertaining.

Just focus on reading their posts and skim right past mine.

It’s not like you’re obliged to read my posts.

And sometimes, it’s nice to rant to people you actually aren’t talking to.

Because when I normally rant to people in person, they get extremely offended, and make me want to hide in my room for years.

Conclusion: I’m boring. And I’m pretty sure that if I tried to be entertaining, I’d end up annoying people with my many long posts about Twenty One Pilots related topics.

What else am I supposed to do, huh?

2. I know I tend to ramble, but I’m human.

I know. I ramble. A lot. But in all honesty, we all do.

Sometimes it’s nice to sit in front of a computer and type what you’re feeling, and why you feel that way.

Especially to people you won’t have to talk to in real life.

Cause on a computer, I can go back and correct myself if I said something a little off, or explained something in the wrong manner.

In real life, you can’t hit the backspace button.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

Wake up America.

I can’t keep writing this post, or I’ll offend someone. I know it.

3 thoughts on “I have a few things to say *unentertaining alert*

  1. 1. your posts are fine idc if you write a 200k word essay on tyler’s seventh eyelash i love them riley i’ll fite u
    2. this is a blog not a top 5 hitlist. it’s the different personalities really make it interesting, and personally, i really love yours.
    3. everyone else has been on here for a while. if it’s likes you’re worried about, post a bit more, and i’m sure people will warm up to you.
    4. if it’s anything that’s boring it’s probably my comments tbh

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