what I’m up to


its moi

picture this: a girl (me) talking on the phone to cat and listening to pearl jam and typing on the computer a bunch of nonsense.

i have a problem where i draw on myself.

like, i like to draw little hearts and stick people and stars and things like that to keep me company because sometimes things get really lonely and i have no one to turn to except those hears and stick people and stars.

i really love this song called “i was all over her” by salvia palth

its good.

i went for a long bike ride today in a beret, a parrot ring. i blasted the whole Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album by Wilco and sang “radio cure” when it came on.

it was really peaceful and nice and i wanted everything to be like that.

i am sitting at my desk looking at a stack of notebooks and books (Paradise Lost, Great Expectations and A Light In The Attic). there is a picture of a little girl from the 1920s and one from the 1940s of a woman by the sea. In a cup, there are a bunch of baby’s breath flowers and there is a sketchbook and color pencils and my phone propped up and cat in a pink floyd sweater talking about fish necklaces and there are candles and a cup with pens and pencils and a card i got from victoria that’s marble and a choker of mine and a mirror and chapstick and five guitar picks and a tube of lipstick i never wear because it’s too dark.

on the floor next to me there is my dog and his favorite stuffed animal of mine that he doesn’t hurt he just likes to cuddle with it and he’s on my rug and behind that is my unmade bed and about 5 notebooks are on that  and then there is my keyboard and guitar and a shoe and what am i even talking about ugh

im sorry



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