It’s The Devil !!

I see you walking in the field.

As I sit here filled with gloom.

The sound of your voice,

Urges me to hide in my room.

I know I’m not funny.

I know my humor is stale.

And the jokes that I tell.

Are never to your liking,

I’m either offensive or plain stupid.

I need to stop trying.

But what I do find funny,

Is how you all say I’m fun to be around.

But I know when I’m here,

My voice is merely a sound.


If you want me to leave,

That’s completely fine with me.

I’m not being sarcastic.

My smile isn’t plastic.

I’m completely serious.

And if you don’t believe me,

I’m curious as to why.

Because I thought I should leave before.

I’ve seen how far we’ve drifted.

When you talk to me, you seem uninterested.

When you look at me, you seem disgusted.

And I don’t blame you.

Cause I would do the same.

And every time I walk past the mirror

I see horrible figures of hate

But when I take a closer look

I realize it was just me.

It was me.


Forgive me  for what I’ve done.

For all the people I’ve caused to run

Far far away from me.

And again, I don’t blame them.

I’m a horrible person to be.


Just go far, far away.

Watch me drown in the sea.

Don’t listen to my plea.

Just remember me.

As “she who walks behind the walls”

“She who’s brain is very small.”

“Cause she doesn’t treat people right at all.”


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