The Average Origin of Catwaffleboy

Once upon a time, there was a young kid named Catwaffleboy. Feeling that he had to live up to the honor bestowed upon him via his name, he decided to become a superhero.

Catwaffleboy was a scholar, excelling in all his classes and regularly outperforming the other classmates in every subject. However, the one subject he could never seem to handle was Science. You see, Catwaffleboy and his peers used to hate Science class, because it made him feel ashamed of his face-blended mutant self. In other classes, it was fine, because no one really paid attention to his face, but in Science, he was often sad because the teacher would show the human children how to create “monsters”. He knew they were referring to his kind, and he usually just sat in the corner and cried while people pointed and laughed. Rude, I know! 

At the beginning of 7th grade, he walked into Science class, ready for another year of torture. Instead, he was met with the best teacher of all time, Mr. McFerren! 1,000 feet tall, and smarter than the averagr bear-platypus, he was abnormal too. Unlike Catwaffleboy though, he was able to garner the respect of the human children despite being a mutant. He then helped them understand and love Catwaffleboy for who he was without assuming things about him.

Mr. McFerren went on to teach Catwaffleboy so much, that his head exploded!

Luckily, his classmates re-animated him using a potato, some paper towels, and a cup of apple juice.

After graduating 7th grade, Catwaffleboy decided he would leave school to lead his own country, Catnationplace.

The great country of Catnationplace prospered under the rule of Catwaffleboy, until one day, an alien invader showed up!

The alien demanded that Catwaffleboy hand over all his potatoes, paper towels, and apple juice, and of course, he refused!

The aliens then blasted Catnationplace with green lasers until it was just a speck of dust on the plains.

Catwaffleboy, in tears, went back to Mr. McFerren, and together they built a red-laser ray to zap the dust with, converting the single dot back into Catnationplace.

The city was back, the aliens were out of sight, and things were looking up for Catwaffleboy. He put an investment of 5 trillion dollars on the Michael Scott Paper Company, but realized that he unfortunately never learned any math, and lost it all.

Then, the worst person of all time showed up, it was Maxamillionandone Gagakapaladoop.

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Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this awful, awful  post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A person who rises in forcible opposition to lawful authority.


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