Yes, it happened.


I failed my PEDIM promise.


Here’s the story.

After a long day of tests and projects at school, I came home to eat dinner, write PEDIM, and do my 5 packets and 2 projects I had to do (okay, still have to do). Then I fell in to a cycle of eating edamame drenched in hot sauce, panicking thinking I overdosed on hot sauce and was about to die, eating more edamame drenched in hot sauce, and drinking the bowl of hot sauce.

After this I thought my days were numbered, and as a drunk/stoned person might do, I thought the only thing I could do to redeem my life was take a nap. I fell asleep listening to GTLive, and woke up when my dad told me to clean my room and get to work. I did some work (not nearly enough) and then I fell back to sleep, PEDIM half written. My first thought when I woke up was of my failure, and I need to serve a punishment. I was thinking PEDIM 2.0 so for the rest of May I write two posts, but if you have a suggestion comment it down below!

That’s it for my failure, I hope your day wasn’t as failurific as mine, and as I unfortunately forgot to say yesterday:

post every day in may?

haha, no way!

12 thoughts on “PEDIM Trickshot GONE WRONG*Epic FAIL!!*

  1. honestly if i drank that much hot sauce i would actually die considering my very little spice tolerance, (but that doesn’t sound fun, what happened to you). also, do try to do 2 posts a day, but here’s the catch…make them more than a sentence!!

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