Podcast Filled SSS

Scattered Stuff

I got to hang out with Riley and our friend Henry (who lives in Maine) and we recorded a NABUR that will go out in two weeks. Also I am very sorry to those of you who tuned in to the last NABUR. The ending got deleted and it messed up the flow of the entire thing xD.


So to sum it up, Eliot won the debate and we sang a great Share With Your friends that we will make sure to soon-ish.


Also you didn’t hear the Fandango Password so listen to the first one for that!


And I have an announcement on Friday!! Nit a huge on so don’t get your hopes up.


That concludes this very short podcast post.


Like I might say:

Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality!!!

One thought on “Podcast Filled SSS

  1. So THATS what happened XD…

    btw, about the debate……if you have to get glasses that turn 3D into 2D, then what’s the point of going to 3D….


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