Some Scattered Announcements-SSS Episode 1

Currently I am writing a James Blonde audio story, and I would like to ask if you had an idea for a James Blonde plot line or minor character. I will be sure to try it out!

And if you want to draw anything for James Blonde, feel free to do so and email it at totallyrileysbackpack@gmail.com.

Also my room is so messy, I am in in a pool of my own filth.

I read a book I really disliked called Crossover, but I read some other stuff by the author Kwame Alexander and I liked it a lot!

NABUR coming out Monday, and it is a Movie Going Experience I think you’ll enjoy!


Oh, and this reminds me that the kind of posts I like doing and that do well are LAY’s. But I want to make LAY without you.

It’s not you, it’s me.

No offense xD, but I feel like I can answer more questions and go in depth on that weekly-ish, and then do additional scattered stuff a separate weekly-ish time.

So proud to announce Some Scattered Stuff, coming weekly-ish or more, whatever I think about.

So welcome to SSS, 

where anything is possible. 

That is the short post, hopefully these rambling will ensue again Tuesday, but as I never thought would be possible today:

I didn’t fall asleep eating pizza, I ate pizza while falling asleep.


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