This is gonna be a post where I write whatever comes to mind.

First, let’s talk about how I didn’t sleep last night. This happens a lot, but I was particularly sad. So after listening to Mac Demarco’s new album (!!) I pirated Clueless and watched it about three times. Then, I texted a friend asking what movie to watch next, and she said to watch *inter movie here*.

Honestly, it was just so repulsive. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I’m not going to tell you the title because I don’t want you to be freaked as well. It was just so so gross. I gaged a few times. It was set in the 70s, and it was just so disgusting. The narrator was a 15 year old girl living in California. That’s all I wanna say about that.
Tonight, im probably gonna watch some of my all time favorites. Aladdin maybe?


bye bye

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