Creative Block

It’s that time, of creative block.

But I made a promise….

Pedim is only 10 days in and I already have nothing to write about. I’m not going to resort to quantity posting over quality. So I will dedicate every last minute into making the best posts.

That being said, today I will talk with you about blankets.
Blankets can be wonderful, they can be soft a comfortable and allow you to get a good nights sleep. But they can also be uncomfortable and a pain. 

Personally I wake up every morning to find my blankets strewn across the room, where they remain because I am too lazy to make my bed again. Also some blankets can be scratchy and ruin a night’s sleep. 

 I am curious if you deal with the same blanket apocalypse I do every morning. Also if you could recommend a particular blanket I would appreciate it. 

NABUR is still on track to release every 2 weeks, with the next one coming out next Monday. You can see the website at nerdandbrother.com, yadayadayada, promotion, you get the point.

Also the giveaway is ending one week after the next podcast so listen to the first then get the password! 

P.S episode 3 will be amazingly special. 

And as my brother told me stoically over a pot of Darjeeling sleeping tea:


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