THE TRUTH…(and actual information)

Hello everyone!

Today, as promised, the truth will finally be revealed.


after these words from our sponsor.

I kinda slacked off with the whole book club thing so, 7 days in to PEDIM, I am announcing the May edition of

The Lonely Book Club!


This month we have what I have heard is a great book, Fahrenheit 451. I’ve started it and I’ve loved it so definitely a review will be here after May if not during May.

And we also have Childhood’s End, a sci fi book my dad recommended and seems very good.

So if you have read them, tell me how you liked it, and if you want to recommend more books, the comments are open to all who please!

Also thanks to riseofthechairs for a thousand questions I can either a) never have to worry about LAY again or b) have a great q&a NABUR. I think I will opt with a middle ground, answer some on NABUR and some at next LAY.

So yeah, now the truth will be revealed.

The truth is…

.99 repeating is equal to 1.

Don’t believe me?


1/3 times 3 is 1 right? and 1/3 in decimal form is .33 repeating, and that times 3 is .99, or 1.

So I hope your mind is blown, and as I pondered on a walk to a coffee shop earlier today:




17 thoughts on “THE TRUTH…(and actual information)

  1. 1. you’re welcome
    2. also the argument that 1 – 0.99… = 0.00…1 is invalid since the zeros are infinite. you’d never get to the one. not sure if that makes sense, but it’s fascinating stuff. nice to find someone else who is as passionate about revealing the truth as me lol iT MUST BE REVEALED

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  2. I read a thing that said that, also, the reason why is because 0.9 is 0.1 away from being 1.0, the more nines you add on a decimal, the closer it gets to 1.0, that is why zero point nine repeating equals 1, one, uno. [uno is one in Spanish!]

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  3. EVERYONE LISTEN UP! FAHRENHEIT 451 IS A GOOD BOOK! I’m actually reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for my English Class right now, and I like it too. It’s an historical nonfiction, so it’s real and everything. BUT EVERYONE STILL LISTEN! I WANT TO STATE THAT: 1/3 multiplied by 3 is 1, true. BUT! Since 1/3 is .333333333333333333333333333 and so on in decimal form, when multiplied by 3, at least when the decimal form is multiplied by 3, it would equal .9999999999999999999999999999 and would never be 1! HAHAHAHA! Take that boys! 1/3 multiplied by 3 = 1 (CORRECT), but .3333333333333 (and forever on) multiplied by 3 does not equal 1! SO, to be fully accurate, don’t ever use the decimal form for a test problem, unless told otherwise (where you would write .99 with a bar over the 9s) because it isn’t the same somehow! Sorry for the rant, now I’m confused with myself.

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      1. ((i assume you knew that i meant 0.9… = 1 haha… [i can’t escape my mistakes]))

        it’s really interesting, nonetheless! 0.9… does equal one, it’s just not something you’d expect. people complain about that missing 0.0…1 when it doesn’t really exist. plus, converting 0.9… into a fraction gets you 1 as well, which would be impossible unless they were the same number!

        the example you used can also be used with ninths. 0.1… = 1/9, 0.2… = 2/9, 0.3… = 3/9 and so on, until you get to 0.9… = 9/9 which, coincidentally, equals 1! 🙂

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