is bigfoot real?

*you’re walking through a dense forest at night with thermal cameras, awaiting the appearance of a tall, hairy primate, which emerged as a myth…suddenly, you hear something crash through the woods, but as you shine your flashlight that you also equipped yourself with, you find that it isn’t what you hoped…*


I didn’t get suggestions, so I’m just going to go with what I was originally going to do. Also, I’m aware I said I was going to make this post 2/3 days ago, but sorry, stuff came up.

As inspired by this BuzzFeed Unsolved Video.

Today, we’re going to talk about the conspiracy of Bigfoot, in this SCIENCE! post!

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past while and have no idea about who/what Bigfoot is, here’s a filler: Bigfoot is practically just a gorilla-type animal (however, supposedly much, much larger), said to be roaming the world. However, there is much controversy as to whether or not Bigfoot is actually real!

Firstly, the entire conspiracy of Bigfoot started off with a prank by a man named Ray L. Wallace. In an article by The New York Times, author Timothy Egan in 2003, states, “…the children of Ray L. Wallace announced that their prank-loving pop had created the modern myth of Bigfoot when he used a pair of carved wooden feet to stomp a track of oversized footprints in a Northern California logging camp in 1958” (Egan, 1). After Timothy pulled this prank, lighting up the fire of the debate on the existence of the creature, and later having his children state that it was all a joke, (as stated above), scientists after the prank still believed that a “Bigfoot” actually DID exist. That is a fact, an actual occurrence.

Those who believe in this phenomenon certainly are devoted to this conspiracy, after all there are ” field guides for tracking Bigfoot, music tapes and CD’s with his sounds… and innumerable works of art inspired by his shaggy essence” (Egan, 1). Egan continues by countering that saying Bigfoot is dead and only existed as a prank is “like saying there is no serpent in the depths of Loch Ness, or that Babe Ruth did not lay a curse on the Red Sox after being sold to the Yankees”. However, that is only this one person’s opinion.

One of the most popular articles of evidence for Bigfoot comes from a home movie from the 1960s/1970s, a time where just a “home movie” could not be edited, as opposed to video/photo evidence now-a-days being awfully sketchy due to our modern-day technology.

There is loads of evidence to support the existence of Bigfoot, like actual footsteps found, hair/DNA samples that belong to no known organism to humanity, and whatnot, including multiple sightings. Despite this, many people still believe that “Bigfoot” was only a joke, and “it” does not exist, though this is the minority group.

Judging from debate.org, most believers have the similar stance of “nothing is impossible, too much evidence, nonexistence simply can’t be proven…”, and non believers mainly accuse the conspiracy as just being a mere fairy tale.

Yes, there is a lot of evidence, but those bits of evidence (at least most of it, like the footprints and DNA samples) may not even be from what we think it is from, and as for those sightings, who knows unless you have experienced it firsthand.

Personally, what I think is that the idea that “Bigfoot” has grown to become is really just a joke, because I keep wondering…If Ray Wallace hadn’t pulled that prank in 1958, would we even be questioning this? Sure, a lot of data is inconclusive, and I bet that there are a bunch a mammals that we may not know about in the wild, but I find this idea sketchy, considering that the entire thing erupted from trickery. Although, I’m not ruling out the possibility altogether-there is no true evidence supporting either side of the argument, really.

“However, the mystery of whether or not Bigfoot exists remains UNSOLVED.” 

So, what do you think?

Do you think Bigfoot is real?

Feel free to comment…or just don’t, your choice, obviously.

Did you like this ‘v educational’ entry? Hopefully you did, I found it interesting researching about it for this post!

I’ll say this again-if there are any scientific controversial topics that you may want to see covered, do tell.

That’s all I have for today!

Have wonderful lives, biscuits.


*weird account always ruins your plans…*

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