I’m in love…

Diet Doctor Pepper-A love poem

At the movies, the restaurants, the house, the mall,

There is one soda I value above all

Though it may be overlooked

I have a special nook

In my heart for Diet Dr. Pepper.

Image result for diet doctor pepper

Before you judge, hear me out!

For it is one thing I can’t live without.

Flavorful as it is complex, with a sweetness of cherry

I sip it all day while I watch Tom and Jerry

Image result for tom and jerry gif

Delicious and not with any carbs

The perfect Diet Soda

To quote dear old Yoda

Good, Diet Dr Pepper is

If you still aren’t convinced

Here’s one hint

Who helps you with medical needs

Who tells you what to feed

Yourself? that’s right your Doctor

With his office neatly bordered

This drink is just what the Doctor ordered.

Image result for doctor who


Diet Doctor Pepper, will you make me the happiest man on earth, and let me cherish you forever, to death do us part.

Of course you will, cause you filled my heart (with your delicious refreshing taste).


Thanks for reading about my undying love for Diet Dr. Pepper, I’ll see you tomorrow with THE TRUTH!

And until we meet again:

Diet Dr. Pepper, you don’t have to thank me for that slogan

‘Just what the Doctor Ordered.



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