Creating a tag!

I decided to do this, and it is going to be so awesome.

The Decision Tag

Basically you are challenged to make a decision you have been putting off, and then answer some difficult decision questions.

  1. Make a response to the challenge within 48 hours.
  2. Tag 2 people
  3. Link to the creator (that’s me!)
  4. Answer the 4 questions
  5. Create 4 questions for the people you tag.
  6. Notify the people that you tagged.

Since I am starting, I nominate DumCheese and OY30.

And I finally decided to get organized. I am a mess, I don’t have a structure to my life, and because of that I forget stuff and generally screw up. So yeah, done with that now.

My questions are:

  1. Which do you care more about, intelligence or appearance?
  2. If you had to choose, would you have power over the world or respect of the world?
  3. For a million dollars, would you stop talking to your friends?
  4. How would you want to be remembered when you die?


Hope you like this tag, and hopefully it takes off!


OH, and as I say when I feel like it:

Is being decisive just being lazy about thinking?

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