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My Top 10 Favorite Albums

Hello there you superior Rainbow Monkeys.

Today i’m going to be giving you my favorite albums at this moment in time, and why I like them.

10. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance – Before I am torn to shreds by a few certain people *cough you know who you are*, I want to remind you that just because this album placed 10th on my list, it is in no way bad in any way. Remember, everything is relative, this is still in the top ten albums I’ve ever listened to. One of the reasons for that is because it was the first full album by MCR (My Chemical Romance) that I listened to, and it got me hooked.

9. A Distant Youth by Wu Fei – This is one of my favorite albums to sit down and just unwind and loosen up to after a busy day. The only reason I was able to find the album in the first place was that Wu Fei actuslly visited my school and performed on the Guzheng for all of the band students. It was an awesome experience and you could live a little bit of it by listening to this album!

8. Gorillaz by Gorillaz – Although this album produced some amazing singles that have turned out to be some of my favorite songs (Clint Eastwood, Rock the House, Tomorrow Comes Today etc.), I just don’t connect with all of the songs. However, I am in no way saying thay the album is bad, but it sounds more like a mixtape than an album. But still amazing.

7. Cardboard Castles by Watsky – I really adore almost every song from this album, and I think it all just fits together perfectly. Watsky’s ability with rapping and spoken word is just astounding. If you have time, lots of his spoken word is on Youtube, and I advise you listen to them.

6. Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots – This was the first Twenty One Pilots album that I listened to, which was recommended by my cousin’s friend’s daughter on a Minecraft realm, and I immediately fell in love with the band. Nine months later, I’m at their concert in Memphis, having the best of times. You can read about that here if you’d like 😀

Interlude: You can listen to my music here if you are a very nice person ;D

5. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance – This album is phenomenal on almost every level for me. Not only did it produce some of the band’s biggest hits, but it pleased the fans, and that’s the important part. I’ll just be waiting here with my cake and balloons ready, in case they ever reunite.

4. Regional At Best by Twenty One Pilots – Regional At Best is one of Twenty One Pilots’s best albums, and I really think it’s a shame they stopped selling it. The album contains some great songs, and it’s pretty well structured as well, so any Twenty One Pilots fans who haven’t heard it yet should definitely turn it on in their Car Radio, but don’t get distracted, make sure your vision of the road is Clear, and if a song on the album doesn’t work, don’t Be Concerned, or you might crash into some Trees. Sorry.

Interlude: I’m down to the last 3 albums and I love them all so it will be difficult for me to place them above or below eachother.. but I have to.

3. Plastic Beach by Gorillaz – Plastic Beach is a journey, and it’s a story. I feel like unfortunately for the world, having a album that takes you somewhere and tells you a tale throughout multiple songs, yet still maintains it’s medium as music, is incredibly hard to achieve. But with Plastic Beach, Gorillaz did just that and more.

2. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots – Vessel doesn’t have a single song that I dislike at all on it. It is a seamless masterpiece in my eyes, and it outperforms almost every other album for me, except….

1. Demon Days by Gorillaz – I completely love this album in every way. It gave out most of Gorillaz’s best songs, is an absolute joy for me to listen to. I would list a few of my favorite songs from it, but truth be told, all of the songs are my favorite. I think that this is where Gorillaz previously shined their brightest, and I hope that they can match this with their future releases.

Bonus: Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots – Great album, but I couldn’t bear replace any of the items on this list, so it remains an afterthought turned bonus.

It does Feel Good (Inc) to write a post that takes more than a few minutes. If you made it all the way down to the bottom, tell me your favorite album right now if you have the time.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

 Go down the surface of something, especially a liquid; become submerged.


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