Modern Doctor Who ranking. TRIGGERING

*Spoiler Alert commissioned by Riley*


Please don’t kill me, opinions are opinions. That being said, here is my YouTube Restricted Mode list.

1st-Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, John Hurt, 10.5, Doctor Donna, Rose-when-she-looked-into-the-heart-of-the-tardis-in-season-one-finale

But here is my legit list that took me so long to write.

Note: I did not put John Hurt on the list because we saw very little of him. He was cool though, wish he got more spotlight in the special (tbh Tennant and Smith stole the show).

4th Place-Christopher Eccleston

This is probably just because he had the shortest run  of the modern Doctors (aside from aforementioned John Hurt) but he is still cool. To be honest I only remember a few of his episodes but I still enjoyed his representation that introduced me to Who.

3rd– Peter Capaldi

Man this was close. I think the only justification I have for this  is my love for Tennant and Smith. But I really do love Capaldi and RIP him this season..

*This post being written 2 days before season 10 premieres*

*Update from May 2nd when this post is being uploaded*

1st/2nd-David Tennant and Matt Smith. I’m sorry I chickened out but they are both so cool!!! As soon as David regenerated I hated Matt, but within 2 episodes I was invested in Amy, Rory, and Doctor number 13 (12 because of 10.5 in the finale of season 4/13 cause of the war doctor)

And there is my list. If you ignored the trigger warning and enabled all YouTube content then tell me how I was wrong in every possible way in the comments! Every time some one comments, a baby lamb is brought in to the world!

Day 2 of May (I hope b/c I’m writing this in advance) and going strong!

I’ll see you tomorrow and as I grow accustomed to mentioning:

If two wrongs make a right, do wrongs equal 45 degrees?

Geometry Jokes!!!!

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